The February update of Windows 11 integrated the Bing AI

The February update of Windows 11 integrated the Bing AI bot directly into the operating system

The main feature of the Windows 11 February update is the integration of Bing Chat, the AI-powered AI chatbot that Microsoft launched on February 9th. Since then, Bing Chat has been the subject of hundreds of publications and talks about chatbots built on a large language model. And now, users who already have access to a preview version of the chatbot can start searches directly from the Windows taskbar.

    Image source: Microsoft

Image source: Microsoft

Over the past three weeks, those looking to experience Bing’s artificial intelligence have faced unpredictable reactions, racial abuse, unexpected creativity, bouts of chatbot discouragement, and even vague threats as Microsoft refines Bing Chat’s interactivity, restricts it, and its downgraded personality. And today the company announced that it will offer Windows 11 users easy access to Bing Chat via a new search box in the taskbar (suspiciously similar to that of Windows 10), coming soon as part of the first Windows 11 update in 2023 Will be available .

In addition, the Windows Search landing page now includes Chat Suggestions, providing one-click access to a recommended search term or command using the new AI-enabled Bing Chatbot. Unfortunately, the introduction of AI to Windows search is not complete in this update, as search simply launches the Edge web browser instead of integrating AI into the actual Windows search bar. As such, the update doesn’t eliminate the Bing chat queue for everyone, and users will still have to wait in a virtual queue to access AI chat.

It’s unclear if Microsoft will force Edge to chat with Bing, but it seems likely — Microsoft has urged users to make Bing and Edge their default search engine and browser to speed up access to Bing Chat. That’s right, says Yusuf Mehdi, Director of Consumer Marketing at Microsoft “Over time, we intend to do Am Chat available for all browsers”.

Windows 11 Version 22H2 users can request a new version with Bing Chat integration and other additions via Windows Update. The exact start date for the distribution of the update is not known.

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