The fast paced action game Swordship will be released in September

The fast-paced action game Swordship will be released in September for PC and all major consoles

Thunderful Publishing and developer from the Swiss studio Digital Kingdom cleared Release dates and list of target platforms for their fast-paced action game Swordship.

    Image Credit: Thunderful Publishing

Image Credit: Thunderful Publishing

Keep in mind that Swordship was officially unveiled during Thunderful World’s online showcase back in November and is expected to release on PC and then unnamed consoles later this year.

As has been announced, Swordship will be released in September this year on PC (Steam), PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S and Nintendo Switch. The announcement was accompanied by a dynamic trailer.

Swordship events take place on Earth that has been flooded as a result of global warming. Players in the role of a smuggler on a speedboat must steal containers with valuable cargo and try to escape their pursuers.

Swordship is positioned as a game of the Dodge’em Up genre – you have to dodge opponents, not shoot at them. They promise generation at the procedural level, multiple types of boats with unique “abilities” and pumps.



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