The fantasy strategy Tyrants Blessing in the spirit of Into

The fantasy strategy Tyrant’s Blessing in the spirit of Into the Breach launches in early August

Publisher Freedom Games and developer from the British Mercury Game Studio announced Release date for their tactical fantasy strategy game Tyrant’s Blessing for PC and Nintendo Switch.

    Image Source: Freedom Games

Image Source: Freedom Games

Remember that the Tyrant’s Blessing story began in Sept 2020: in January 2021 received the game titlepassed in April-May kickstarters and September secured support publisher. The release was expected in the third quarter of 2022.

As has been announced, Tyrant’s Blessing will not be available for PC until August 8 this year (steam, Epic game store) and Nintendo Switch. A demo version is available for review on the Valve service.

The events of Tyrant’s Blessing will take place in the land of Tiberius, whose inhabitants were turned undead by the efforts of that same tyrant. Players must lead the remnants of the resistance and drown the army of the dead in the sea.

The developers promise a combat system in the spirit of Into the Breach, random encounters and difficult decisions, 20 heroes with unique abilities to choose from, as well as a pet (dog, cat, fox, panda) to take with you in battle.

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