The excitement around Vision Pro was sparked by resellers

The excitement around Vision Pro was sparked by resellers – bots placed thousands of pre-orders, bypassing Apple’s protections

Last week, Apple opened pre-orders for its first mixed reality headset, Vision Pro, starting at $3,500. As expected, speculators immediately pounced on the new product and placed numerous pre-orders in order to later resell the devices at an inflated price. It has now been revealed that resellers have used bots and placed thousands of pre-orders. Perhaps the strong initial demand for the Vision Pro will turn out to be a bubble inflated by speculators.

    Image source: Apple

Image source: Apple

To place an order to purchase Vision Pro, you must have an Apple ID and undergo a facial scanning procedure. However, this did not stop those from benefiting from the new product. Kasada, a company that provides counter-bot services, claims that bots were used to process orders for the purchase of Apple headsets and were able to bypass the facial scanning step.

“Over the past month, Kasada has seen that there is a lot of interest in the Apple Vision Pro in bot communities ahead of one of the biggest speculative opportunities of 2024. Interest has been expressed by developers updating modules in existing bots (or adding Apple support), as well as service providers offering AIO bots (all-in-one bots) for purchase by those willing to pay for them .”Kasada said in a statement.

We would like to remind you that AIO bots can go through the entire process of purchasing a product without manual intervention. In a statement, Kasada said that after pre-orders opened, company specialists monitored the activity of bots and found that thousands of pre-orders were placed with the help of bots. Just one of the bots was used to place 1,592 pre-orders for the Vision Pro.

Purchasing the Vision Pro is significantly more difficult than many other products because it requires an Apple ID and a facial scan. Kasada believes that Apple not only wanted to give customers the opportunity to choose the most suitable strap size for the headset, but also wanted to make life difficult for resellers. If this is indeed the case, the plan has failed.

Apple IDs can be purchased on the dark web, although resellers may have some of them created in advance. For face scanning, bots were used for pre-orders that could simulate this process and transmit the data in encrypted form after verification was completed. This means that all orders placed with the same bot will receive the same headset size, but Apple’s policy allows for an exchange within a certain period of time. It is noted that in some cases bots have been used to select a store where the shopper can undergo a facial scan to select the best option.

Let’s add that many offers from speculators have already appeared, not only on eBay. Some are selling the headset for up to $10,000, or three times the retail price. Some also began selling headsets a few days before pre-orders began. It is reported that those who want to be among the first to receive Vision Pro are already “confirmed pre-order» for headsets priced up to $5,999.

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