The European Union is interested in political advertising on social networks

The EU wants to force tech giants like Facebook and Google to disclose algorithms for targeted political advertising. According to the new bill, companies must disclose the size of the target audience of political advertising, the duration of its display, as well as the methods by which the system chooses who to show it to.

Image source: Capri23auto /

Image source: Capri23auto /

The document contains the thesis that the use of personal data of users for displaying political advertising had “Negative consequences” for “Their freedom of opinion and information, political decision-making and the exercise of their right to vote”… Since May 2018, Facebook has earned nearly $ 3 billion from social campaign and political advertising, while Google has earned $ 810 million during the same time.Although political advertising accounts for only a small share of the total revenues of both companies, there have been repeated complaints that opaque mechanisms are used in selecting audiences. …

According to the new bill, political parties will be required to label their advertisements, and in the case when an advertiser is a third party, it will be obliged to clearly determine which force finances this advertisement. The law is expected to come into force before the next European Parliament elections in 2024. Companies violating the law will be fined up to 5% of global turnover. Control over the implementation of the new law will be entrusted to the national authorities.

After the publication of the draft law, its text will be discussed by the members of the European Union, the European Parliament and the European Commission in a “trialogue” format. The Political Advertising Regulatory Initiative is part of a larger program to limit the influence of tech giants. Google and Facebook officials have yet to comment on the new bill.

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