The European production of Northvolt batteries so far produces more

The European production of Northvolt batteries so far produces more than 60% of the defects

Northvolt, which started producing batteries for electric vehicles in Europe, cannot yet deliver sufficient production quality. According to Business Korea, more than 60% of manufactured batteries are defective. Under these conditions, the company intends to switch from Chinese production facilities to South Korean ones.

    Image source: Northvolt

Image source: Northvolt

Previously, Northvolt wanted to produce 300,000 batteries for electric vehicles annually in Sweden from the second half of the year. However, the goal is unlikely to be achieved, since it will take a long time to replace equipment and reorganize production. The changes also affect the Volkswagen Group, which is a partner of Northvolt and needs a new type of battery.

Northvolt’s low yield is likely to have a major impact on the EU’s efforts to reduce its dependence on the overseas battery industry. A number of European companies are developing core technologies in a project led by Germany, France, Sweden, Poland, Finland, Belgium and Italy. German investments in the project amount to around 1.25 billion euros, France and Italy invested 960 and 570 million euros respectively. The European Commission also wants to invest 3.2 billion euros.

Northvolt is currently in contact with South Korean suppliers to improve their products. It is known that another European company in the industry, ACC, has signed an agreement with Solus Advanced Materials to supply foil for the manufacture of batteries and is considering cooperation with other South Korean material suppliers.

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