The EU warns Apple about slowing down charging via uncertified

The EU warns Apple about slowing down charging via uncertified USB Type-C cables

Last year, the European Union passed legislation obliging almost all mobile devices with wired charging to switch to USB Type-C ports. Companies must comply with the law’s requirements by December 28, 2024. Apple is expected to switch from Lightning to USB Type-C with the iPhone 15 later this year. Rumor has it that Apple could create artificial restrictions on the new port, but the EU warned the company against such measures.

    Image source: Macrumors

Image source: Macrumors

In February, there were rumors that Apple might limit the charging speeds and other features of USB Type-C cables that aren’t certified under the Made for iPhone program. It has been reported that certified cables for the iPhone 15, like Lightning cables, can be equipped with special chips that confirm the authenticity of products.

In response, European Commission spokesman Thierry Breton sent a letter to Apple warning that the company would not allow charging speed limits on USB Type-C cables and restrict sales of iPhones with such limits in the EU would if the law came into force. European journalists familiarized themselves with the text. According to reports, the EU also warned Apple again in mid-March.

With Apple still having time until the end of 2024, the company may still be able to fit an ID chip for the USB Type-C connector into the iPhone 15 model. Also, the iPhone 16 is expected to premiere in September 2024, so they can also get limited functionality. The EU reportedly intends to issue guidelines by the third quarter of this year to ensure “uniform interpretation” of the law.

It is worth noting that although there are only rumors about the possible limitation of the charging speed of iPhone 15 smartphones with non-certified USB Type-C cables. For example, commercially available iPads with USB Type-C are not equipped with such chips and can work fully with any cable.

Previously, experts predicted that not all variants of the iPhone 15 will receive even Apple’s proprietary fast charging.

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