The EU wants to ban artificial limitations on the lifespan

The EU wants to ban artificial limitations on the lifespan and functionality of electronics

The European Parliament has developed a new one The invoice In order to improve product labeling in the EU, misleading product characteristics such as unsubstantiated claims about environmental friendliness or battery life will be banned. In addition, the future law will require manufacturers to disclose the cost of repairs and prohibit restricting the use of third-party parts or accessories.

    Image source: pixabay

Image source: pixabay

The directive targets packaging and advertising with unjustified product safety claims such as “climate neutral” And “ecologically pure“, unless supported by real evidence. The bill also provides for clear labeling of the cost of repairing a product and any repair restrictions imposed by manufacturers.

To extend product life, the EU wants to ban design features that shorten product life or lead to premature product failure. In addition, manufacturers want to prohibit restricting a product’s functionality when used with consumables, replacement parts, or accessories (such as chargers or ink cartridges) from other manufacturers.

Industry will no longer benefit from producing consumer products that fail after the warranty period has expired. Manufacturers must now provide information about the possibilities and costs of repairs in an understandable form. Product labels inform citizens which products are guaranteed to last longer, and manufacturers whose products last longer will make profits. The jungle of false environmental claims will come to an end, since only certified and validated product safety claims are permitted.– Biljana Borzan, Vice-President of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament.

The aim of the new bill is to help consumers shop more informed and encourage companies to offer more sustainable products. The European Parliament also wants to ban misleading claims about battery life and inform consumers about planned obsolescence and design features that limit a product’s life cycle.

As the draft law has already been taken into account, talks between the European Parliament and EU member states are expected to start soon.


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