The EU is preparing to legalize a single port for

The EU is preparing to legalize a single port for smartphones and other devices by the end of this year

It is very likely that EU lawmakers and EU member states will approve a unified port for smartphones, tablets, headphones and other electronic devices before the beginning of next year. This was announced by the local parliamentarian responsible for the respective project. It is known that this initiative is heavily criticized by Apple.

Image source: denvit/

Image source: denvit/

The European Commission first initiated approval of a single charging port more than a decade ago, but the draft law was only prepared last year after manufacturers themselves failed to agree on a common technical solution.

iPhone and Android users have long complained about having to use different chargers. If the iPhone is charged via the Lightning interface, modern Android models use USB Type-C. According to available statistics for 2018, half of smartphones used USB Micro-B connectors, 29% used USB Type-C and 21% used Lightning. Now the balance has clearly shifted in favor of USB Type-C.

According to Alex Agius Saliba, a parliamentarian overseeing the issue in the European Parliament, a vote on the issue could take place as early as May, after which talks could begin with individual countries on the final law. “It will be ready by the end of the year. That is our intention.” – he said, adding that you should not only focus on smartphones.

According to the MP, a uniform port is to be introduced for e-books, low-power laptops, keyboards, computer mice, headphones, smartwatches and electronic toys – the proposal by the European Commission once only mentioned smartphones, tablets and headphones. In addition, Saliba is demanding that the European Commission “harmonize” wireless charging infrastructure by 2025.

The law on a uniform universal port could come into force six months after it was passed (previously a transitional period of two years was assumed), by which time manufacturers should adapt their devices. Apple said even then that the EU initiative could negatively impact innovation and the result would be a pile of e-waste if lawmakers were to force consumers to switch to new chargers.



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