The EU has found that social networks are in no

The EU has found that social networks are in no hurry to remove posts containing hate speech

In 2022, the largest social networks reportedly removed less hateful content than a year earlier Associated Press with reference to a report submitted by the authorities of the region. Twitter showed the weakest results, while TikTok and YouTube showed the best – they managed to beat last year’s results, but in different categories.

    Image source: Capri23auto /

Image source: Capri23auto /

According to the report, for which data was collected over a six-week period last spring, the Twitter team resolved just over half of submitted hate speech within 24 hours, up from 82% in 2021. For comparison, in the same 24 hours, Facebook moderators* handles 64% of traffic, Instagram* – 56.9%, YouTube – 83.3% and TikTok – 92%. In this ranking, only the Chinese short video service was able to improve on the previous year’s result.

The number of hate posts actually deleted by Twitter moderators fell from 49.8% to 45.4% over the year. At TikTok, this indicator fell by a quarter over the course of the year and stood at 60%; Facebook* and Instagram* showed a slight decrease; and only YouTube increased the number, which ended up being 90%.

Meanwhile, European officials are most concerned about Twitter — this week the social network fired its last two employees in Brussels and closed its local office.

* It is included in the list of public associations and religious organizations for which the court made a final decision to liquidate or ban activities on the grounds provided for in Federal Law No. 114-FZ of July 25. 2002 “On Countering Extremist Activities”.

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