The EU has forced Google to be more transparent

The EU has forced Google to be more transparent – the company will clarify important information for users in its services

After a series of consultations with European officials, Google agreed to clarify information about its services, including Google Store, Google Play, Google Hotels and Google Flights. These measures will help consumers make informed decisions when ordering goods and services.

    Image source: Alex Dudar /

Image source: Alex Dudar /

The Google Flights and Google Hotels platforms will make a clear distinction between services offered by Google itself and services provided by other companies, which Google advertises as an intermediary. Consumers know exactly where the actual discounts are and where the prices are for reference and may not be accurate. The company will point out that reviews on Google Hotels are not verified by the administration and the service is provided with the same level of transparency as on similar platforms – and Expedia.

The Google Store may provide consumers with additional information regarding shipping costs, return options, and the availability of replacement or repair options. Users are explained how to open sections of the Google Play app store to other countries – this is particularly true for the EU, whose residents can access the same content. Previously, Google said users can change regions on Google Play once a year, but the EU objected that doing so was against region legislation.

The company has agreed to limit its right to unilaterally cancel orders or price changes on the Google Store and has provided European officials with a dedicated email address to request the removal of illegal content.


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