The energy efficient desktop of the Intel Alder Lake T series

The energy-efficient desktop of the Intel Alder Lake T series unexpectedly appeared on sale in Europe and Japan

Typically, Intel gradually releases a new generation of Core processors. First, the older models of the K-series with the possibility of overclocking and TDP up to 125 W come on sale, then mass models without overclocking with a TDP of 65 W and a few months later energy-efficient chips of the T-series with a TDP of 65 W TDP of 35 W With the advent of the Alder Lake generation, the manufacturer decided not to delay the start of sales of the T-series chips. These models have already appeared in Europe and Japan.

Image source: Intel

Image source: Intel

T-series models of Core processors are used in compact PCs, often with a fully passive cooling system. And Alder Lake’s hybrid architecture with big performance and small energy-efficient cores is perfect for these purposes. Since the Alder Lake generation T-series chips are just beginning to appear, retailers are offering them at prices above Intel’s recommended prices. For example, the model on the German marketplace Geizhals Core i9-12900T The model is offered in the price range from 514 to 528 euros with a recommended 489 dollars Core i7-12700T sold from 365 to 470 euros at a suggested $339.

The energy efficient desktop of the Intel Alder Lake T series

In Japan, these models are sold even more expensive. For example, for the flagship version of the Core i9-12900T questions about $607. For comparison, the Core i9-12900K version retails for $579 on US Amazon.

In addition to the older models of the T series, European dealers also offer cheaper ones Core i3-12300T, Core i5-12400T, Core i5-12500T and Core i5-12600T. They appear in the price range from 147 to 299 euros, depending on the model, dealer and country of sale.

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Although the energy-efficient Intel Core T-series chips have the same number of powerful and energy-efficient cores as regular Alder Lake versions, they operate at a lower frequency range. The detailed characteristics of these processors and their recommended prices can be found in the table below.

Image source: Intel

The good news is that with an efficient cooling system, these chips can reach higher frequencies due to the support of Turbo Boost technology. At the same time, the maximum power consumption of the same Core i9-12900T model in this case is only 109 W instead of 241 W for the Core i9-12900K.

Intel also plans to release TE series processors for embedded solutions with even lower operating frequencies as part of the Alder Lake series. Their characteristics have already appeared on the manufacturer’s website, but new items are not yet available for sale.



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