The energy crisis forced Malaysian authorities to look for crypto

The energy crisis forced Malaysian authorities to look for crypto farms

The problem of cryptocurrency mining has been disrupting the normal operation of power grids in Malaysia for several years. This process is very energy-intensive and leads to power failures. Therefore, the local utility company and the police conducted joint raids in search of cryptocurrency farms.

    Image source: nir_design/

Image source: nir_design/

Since 2020, Malaysian authorities have arrested more than 627 people who stole electricity to mine the precious cryptocurrency. In addition, more than $16 million worth of mining equipment has been confiscated from citizens of the country in recent years.

According to the local news agency Bernama, the energy company TNB (Tenaga Nasional Berhad) organized joint raids with law enforcement agencies. Police officials urged citizens to exercise caution when renting property to strangers and to report suspected mining in the area to authorities.

With bitcoin costing tens of thousands of dollars, there is a boom in Southeast Asia related to the work of cryptocurrency mining farms. This leads to power outages in the region. Similar farms are operated in many countries around the world, including Kazakhstan and US states such as Texas, which in many cases also creates energy supply problems.

Mining is said to account for 0.5% of global electricity consumption. For comparison: the entire IT infrastructure of Google consumes 7 times less energy. According to the Texas department ERCOT (The Electric Reliability Council of Texas), the load on the power grid is set to increase fivefold in the next few years.


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