The ending of Lies of P clearly points to an

The ending of Lies of P clearly points to an unexpected sequel

Before the role-playing action “Lies of P” based on the fairy tale “The Adventures of Pinocchio” was fully released, a recording and details of its post-credits scene had already appeared on the Internet. Things will get serious later in the text spoiler.

    Image source: Neowiz

Image source: Neowiz

How the portal conveys IGNIn the final fragment of Lies of P, the alchemist Philip Paracelsus reports to an unknown woman by telephone the results of dramatic events in the city of Krat (the setting of the game).

During the conversation, Paracelsus undertakes to find safely “her” – one more thing “our key”. We’re talking about a certain Dorothy. Who she is is revealed in the next short scene.

Against the background of the Krath lying in ruins, easily recognizable legs appear – in striped socks and red shoes – of the same Dorothy from the book “The Wizard of Oz” by the American writer Lyman Frank Baum.

The girl manages to tap her heel three times, ending the teaser. In The Wizard of Oz, this action can transport the owner of the shoes anywhere – you just have to name the desired location.

The teaser gives the impression that Lies of P has launched a series of reinterpretations of famous children’s books. There are still many questions: Will the new game retain the action gameplay? What is Dorothy doing in Krat? Will the sequel be called Lies of D?

Lies of P was released today, September 19th, on PC (Steam), PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, and Game Pass. The game received relatively high ratings in the specialist press – Metacritic The project has 81 to 84%.

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