The encryption card adventure comes with exclusive features for PS4

The encryption card adventure comes with exclusive features for PS4 and PS5

Publisher Devolver Digital and developer by independent studio Daniel Mullins Games announced about the forthcoming expansion of the platform geography of his gritty map adventure Inscryption.

    Image source: Devolver Digital

Image source: Devolver Digital

Until recently, Inscryption was only announced for PC (Steam, GOG, Epic Games Store), where it debuted with success in October 2021. Recently, the PS4 version of the game in Australia issued an age rating.

As has been announced, Inscryption will soon appear on PS4 and PS5. And with exclusive features: They promise the voice of an ermine from the controller’s loudspeaker, atmospheric lighting through its light panel and tactile feedback.

Following the plot of Inscryption, players fall into the trap of Leshy and are forced to collect a deck of forest creatures in order to uncover the mysteries hiding behind the walls of a fearsome stranger’s hut.

The press warmly welcomed Inscryption (85% on Metacritic). The journalists liked the map component, the visual style, the creativity and the unpredictability of the game. In January, sales of the project exceeded 1 million copies.

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