The electric “nanomachine” Silence S04 is presented – up to 90 km / h and 149 km on a single charge

The Spanish electric scooter manufacturer Silence has unveiled the S04 miniature electric vehicle at the EICMA show in Milan, Italy. Starting next year, sales of two versions of the novelty will begin in Europe, one of which will only need a license to drive a moped to drive.

Image source: silence.eco

Image source: silence.eco

The S04 will join the ultra-compact urban electric vehicle niche, which already includes Citroen, Opel, Eli, Micro and Renault models. The Nanomachine is perfect for single drivers or couples who wish to use “The advantages of a machine with a motorcycle philosophy”

Although EICMA is dedicated to electric motorcycles and other two-wheeled vehicles, Silence believes that the new product fits the theme well due to its characteristics, including agility, low weight, ease of parking.

The car is made on a tubular motorcycle frame, dimensions – 2.28 × 1.29 × 1.59 m, turning radius – 3.5 m, an excellent indicator for narrow European streets with small parking lots, inconvenient for classic cars. There are seats for two people, a trunk with a volume of 313 liters, it is possible to control some functions of an electric vehicle using a special application.

Image source: silence.eco

Image source: silence.eco

There will be two versions for the European market. The L7e variant is equipped with a 14 kW engine that allows speeds up to 90 km / h and two batteries with a total capacity of 11.2 kWh. They are enough to travel up to 149 km without recharging.

The L6e version is equipped with an engine of only 6 kW – it will only allow you to accelerate to 45 km / h. This version will receive one battery, the cruising range will be 70 km. It is to drive this model that only a driver’s license is needed, which permits driving a moped.

Both S04 variants are rear-wheel drive, use disc brakes on the front and rear wheels with optional ABS. There is a multifunction steering wheel, a 7-inch dashboard, a charger and holder for a smartphone, LED lights, power windows, central locking, and a Bluetooth-enabled audio system.

Image source: silence.eco

Image source: silence.eco

The Silence S04 will go on sale in the EU in the first quarter of 2022 at prices starting at € 7,500. Deliveries to other regions will be announced later.

Also at the exhibition, the company presented a concept design of charging stations, in which S04 owners will be able to change discharged removable batteries to charged ones in seconds. It is expected that such stations will be located in urban areas and operate 24/7. A pilot Battery Station project will be implemented over the next two years in Madrid and Barcelona.

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