The documentary featured over 50 minutes of gameplay from Ravenholm

The documentary featured over 50 minutes of gameplay from Ravenholm, the canceled Half-Life 2 spin-off

The documentary team at Noclip has released a lengthy gameplay video of Ravenholm, an abandoned Half-Life 2 spin-off developed by Arkane, on their YouTube channel.

    Image Source: Steam (panosdimak)

Image Source: Steam (panosdimak)

What Ravenholm (Half-Life 2: Episode 4) was in Noclip was told in Spring 2020. Then the team shared minute-long snippets from the game, now they have shown almost an hour of gameplay.

Recall that according to the plot, players got the role of Adrian Shepard from the Opposing Force addon for Half-Life, and one of the main characters of the game was supposed to be Father Gregory, who got carried away with headcrab experiments .

One of the main features of Ravenholm was the mechanics of interacting with electricity: by closing the circuit, the hero could both solve puzzles and set traps for enemies.

Ravenholm was developed between 2006 and 2007. News of the cancellation came as a shock to Arkane Studios. The team hastily put together more or less completed missions in hopes of convincing Valve, but to no avail.

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