The Division has teamed up with Titanfall the sci fi MMO

The Division has teamed up with Titanfall: the sci-fi MMO shooter Project LLL has been announced by the creators of Lineage

South Korean publisher and developer NCSoft (Lineage, Guild Wars) introduced A 9-minute gameplay trailer for Project LLL, its open-world sci-fi MMO shooter.

    Image source: NCSoft

Image source: NCSoft

The action of Project LLL will unfold in a world where the story got out of the way due to a specific event: in the near future the post-apocalyptic Seoul, the Byzantine Empires of the tenth and the twenty-third centuries are converging.

In Project LLL, humans, mutants and powerful demons will converge in one arena – a huge (about 30 km2) and a seamless open world to explore in cars, helicopters and even robots (with cockpit views like in Titanfall).

Unlike other NCSoft games, Project LLL offers pre-made characters with their own names, backstories and themes. In order to emphasize the uniqueness of each character’s personality, the authors will pay special attention to the narrative elements.

Project LLL promises, among other things, strategic gameplay (in the trailer comments, the game is compared to The Division), a wealth of content, PvP and PvE, customization of weapons and a variety of tactical equipment.

Developers call Project LLL representatives “a new genre completely different from the last popular looter shooters or battle royales”and intend to create “NC Exclusive New Market”.

Project LLL is expected to be released in 2024. The game is being built on Unreal Engine for PC and consoles as part of the NCing initiative. Lineage 2 producer and director Jaehyun Bae is leading development.


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