The developers of War Thunder announce Aces of Thunder

The developers of War Thunder announce Aces of Thunder – Flight Simulator for PlayStation VR2

Gaijin Entertainment has announced Aces of Thunder, a spin-off of the popular online game War Thunder. The upcoming flight simulator will be developed for the recently released virtual reality device PlayStation VR2 and will be dedicated exclusively to dogfights. The project will be distributed according to a paid model.

    Image Credit: Gaijin Entertainment

Image Credit: Gaijin Entertainment

The developers of Ace of Thunder also indicated that all aircraft included in the game or its add-ons will be available immediately after purchase. The appearance of all cars may be customized.

Physically accurate flight and damage models, known from War Thunder, are promised for the new flight simulator. Fighting in the game is always exclusively from the cockpit view and with full flight control. Gaijin Entertainment explained that after interacting with Aces of Thunder, players will learn how to fly an airplane “virtually real”.

At release, the new flight simulator will offer players the chance to try out WWII-era vehicles, including the American P-51 Mustang fighter jet and the British Spitfire. In later additions, the fighter fleet will be supplemented with aircraft from other eras. Also, multiple competitive modes are being developed for Aces of Thunder, both in teams and individually.

The announced simulator for PlayStation VR2 will be created by the in-house studio Gaijin Entertainment, whose employees already have experience working on War Thunder. Aces of Thunder release date will be announced later.

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