The developers of the shooter GTFO have announced Den of

The developers of the shooter GTFO have announced Den of Wolves – a techno-thriller about heists in the distant future

Studio 10 Chambers, which previously released the cooperative horror shooter GTFO, has announced Den of Wolves, a techno-thriller about heists set in the distant future. The premiere took place as part of The Game Awards 2023.

    Image source: 10 Chambers

Image source: 10 Chambers

Den of Wolves is a co-op action game set in Midway City. A team of four is invited to take part in dynamic missions with unpredictable twists and turns. Industrial espionage, sabotage, contract killings – the choice will be large.

In order to successfully complete all stages of the task, it is extremely important to think through all the details in advance: draw up an action plan and assign roles, obtain the necessary information about the object and equip team members with auxiliary devices.

“Choose your friends carefully, make useful contacts and expand your network of accomplices. Become the leading service provider of the Midway Darknet: organize raids and neutralize targets to get out of the slums and into a comfortable penthouse.says the official description of the project.

There is no release date for Den of Wolves yet; Only the PC is listed in the list of target platforms. IN steam The game page has appeared, where you can already add it to your wishlist.

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