The developers of the retro shooter Ion Fury have revealed

The developers of the retro shooter Ion Fury have revealed new details about the Aftershock add-on, but not the release date

Publisher 3D Realms and developer studio Voidpoint commented progressed the creation of the Aftershock addon for their retro shooter Ion Fury (formerly Ion Maiden) and shared new details of the addon.

Image source: Voidpoint

Image source: Voidpoint

Keep in mind that Aftershock launched last March (the expansion was officially announced at Realms Deep 2020 in September 2020) and is expected to release in Summer 2021.

According to the developers “unforeseen delays” slowed production, but the team has no intention of sacrificing the quality of the product. Additional time was needed to polish new content.

“We know how excited everyone is for Aftershock and appreciate your patience. We’re working to make this expansion another great experience.”the authors announced.

News about Aftershock will be released in the coming months, but for now the creators promise 13 locations, the fifth level of difficulty, a new weapon, inventory items, multiple types of enemies and ammunition.

Also, the Arrangement mode will appear in Aftershock – this is a remix of the main campaign with mirror versions of levels, as well as a changed location of enemies (enemies from Aftershock will be added to them) and items.

Ion Fury debuted on PC (Steam, GOG) in August 2019 and was released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch in May 2020. The game is a prequel to the not so successful Bombshell (43% On metacritical).


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