The developers of the non linear detective The Case of the

The developers of the non-linear detective The Case of the Golden Idol have released an extended demo

Playstack publisher and developer of the Latvian studio Color Gray Games reported about the release of an extended demo of his non-linear detective adventure The Case of the Golden Idol.

    Image Source: Steam

Image Source: Steam

Recall that the fact-finding edition of The Case of the Golden Idol, released at the end of August, offered users three detective scenarios to solve.

As has been revealed, The Case of the Golden Idol extended demo includes the fourth chapter (of a dozen planned for the main game). The same new trial version will be available as part of the Games to Be festival in October.

The developers expressed their joy and gratitude that the previous demo had received a lot of positive feedback and urged you to definitely play the new one (even if you’ve already completed the old one).

The Case of the Golden Idol is expected to be released this year on PC (Steam). Players take on the role of a detective to unravel the mystery of 12 strange but related deaths spanning 40 years and the golden idol with the title.

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