The developers of the multiplayer Riders Republic talk about the plan to support the game in the first year after launch

Ubisoft Publishing and Development Studio Ubisoft Annecy disclosed support plan their multiplayer extreme sports game Riders Republic in its first year after release.

Image Source: Ubisoft

Image Source: Ubisoft

On the day of the release of Riders Republic, the pre-season Grand Opening event will begin with multiplayer modes (Mass Races, Tricks Battle) and Weekly Challenges. Year 1 Pass buyers will be given two of the eight sets of exotic vehicles.

The Riders Republic will develop according to the seasons. Three have been confirmed so far: Winter Bash, Showdown Time and BMX. All of them will bring with them new modes and challenges, events, story progress and content for the season ticket holders.

Year 1 Pass holders will have 7-day early access to Season 2 and 3

Year 1 Pass holders will have 7-day early access to Season 2 and 3

In addition to the above, the seasons of the Riders Republic will offer:

  1. Winter Bash – a set of winter items and two exotic sets (first year pass);
  2. Showdown Time – 6v6 Showdown PvP mode with arena (free) and two exotic packs (first year pass);
  3. BMX – BMX mode with new events and playgrounds (free), a BMX item pack, a BMX add-on (with a career mode), and two exotic kits (year 1 pass).

You can watch the content being prepared by the developers in the attached video from Ubisoft with an overview of the first year of support for the Riders Republic from the members of the creator team.

Recall that Riders Republic offers to plunge into “A huge living world of outdoor sports” alone or with friends. The game promises 60 frames / s, more than 50 people on the screen, as well as cross-platform multiplayer and save.

Riders Republic will go on sale on October 28 this year for PC (Uplay, Epic Games Store), PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, as well as Google Stadia and Amazon Luna services.

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