The developers of the fighting game Project L in the

The developers of the fighting game “Project L” in the League of Legends universe revealed the distribution model and the new fighter

Publisher and developer at Riot Games Publications on your website and a fresh video on his YouTube channel revealed new details about Project L – a fighting game set in the League of Legends universe

    Image Credit: Riot Games

Image Credit: Riot Games

Recall that in the November video, executive producer Tom Cannon (Tom Cannon) said that the creators approved the concept (teams of two different champions) and the appearance of their creation.

According to Cannon, the team is currently finalizing work on key mechanics and is gradually moving on to other aspects: champions, competitive mode, social features.

Cannon also confirmed that “Project L” would be distributed on a shareware basis. They promise to arrange monetization of the game in order not to spend too much time and money on the user.

The developers also revealed that Illaoi, the prophetess of the Deep Mother who uses a giant golden idol and the tentacles of her goddess Nagakeiboros, will be among the starting fighters of Project L.

Illaoi’s version for “Project L” is described by the authors as slow but non-stop “Heavy Juggernaut”who fights with “God Behind You” and puts opponents under pressure with his power.

“Project L” is in active production (Illaoi in particular is still in an early stage of development) and is not scheduled to start until 2023 at the earliest. Another update on the game is planned before the end of the year.

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