The developers of Kings Bounty II have released the second

The developers of King’s Bounty II have released the second patch and revealed the timing of the next updates

Prime Matter Publishing and Development Studio 1C Entertainment reported about the release of the second patch for their fantasy role-playing game King’s Bounty II and revealed the release dates for the next updates.

Image Source: Prime Matter

Image Source: Prime Matter

According to the developers, in the released patch, the King’s Bounty II team focused on improving the overall stability of the game and fixing the most common bugs that hindered progress.

In addition, the authors added the ability to speed up the battle and a window with confirmation of the exit from the game, adjusted the balance, improved the interface and graphics (faces, animations, effects in certain scenes).

In the PC version, with the release of the patch, new tips appeared when hovering over certain objects from the recruiter / the “Defense” / “Waiting” icon and the ability to buy units by double-clicking the left mouse button.

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The update has already been released on PC (Steam, Epic Games Store) and Xbox One, and will be available on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch a little later. A complete list of the changes made can be found in Steam

The next (third) patch for King’s Bounty II will be released in October, and the second major patch is announced for November. The developers also have big plans for 2022 (no details yet).

King’s Bounty II went on sale on August 24 this year. Western journalists did not welcome the project very warmly: its average rating is Metacritic ranges from 56 to 73 out of 100%.

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