The developers have created the Otter browser in the style

The developers have created the Otter browser in the style of the classic Opera for the OS/2 platform

It became known that a group of developers has prepared a version of the Otter Browser browser for the IBM OS / 2 software platform. One of the main features of the browser is a strong resemblance to the classic Opera 12. Although development of OS/2 stopped in 2001, its official successor is still being developed in the face of ArcaOS.

Image source: CNews

Image source: CNews

Three employees of the Austrian software company Bitwise Works are working on the port of Otter to OS/2 and they are doing it in their spare time. Because of this, the implementation of the project has been delayed and the browser is currently in the stage of internal testing. The web engine used by Otter reportedly contains around 75,000 files containing around 35 million lines of C++ code. Although the main part of it compiled without any problems on OS/2, some elements had to be adjusted considering the capabilities of the operating system.

Two versions of the browser are available to users: Donation (for those who want to support the project financially) and Public (for everyone else). At the same time, both versions of the browser are identical in terms of available features, but when you open a tab in the free version, a message appears asking you to buy the paid version. If you want to use the donation version, you have to pay €30 per year. The project code will remain public, allowing users of OS/2 and operating system derivatives with the appropriate knowledge to create their own build of Otter. The beta version of Otter for OS/2 will be available to a wide range of users in late February – early March 2022.

Otter Browser is a free, open-source, cross-platform browser built on top of the Qt and QtWebKit engines. Its main feature lies in the maximum similarity to Opera 12, the latest classic version of the browser, in which Chromium has not yet been used. OS/2 is a closed source software platform developed by IBM between 1985 and 2001. ArcaOS is a 32-bit single-user multitasking operating system for x86 processors based on OS/2 Warp 4.52. ArcaOS supports modern hardware, can run original OS/2 software and 16-bit Windows applications. ArcaOS is developed by the American company Arca Noae with permission from IBM.



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