The developer of one of the years most popular games

The developer of one of the year’s most popular games on Twitch and YouTube has removed it from Steam, blaming his stress

The hardcore action-platformer about climbing objects Only Up!, which suddenly gained popularity with streamers and bloggers on Twitch and YouTube over the summer, is no longer available on Steam. The developer himself decided to remove the game.

    Image source: Steam

Image source: Steam

Page Only until! on Steam is not blocked, but you can no longer buy the game. The screenshots have disappeared, the project name has been changed to “Not available” and the studios have been changed to “Indiesolodev”. At the same time, the project remained available to anyone who could buy it.

“I’m a solo developer and this game is my first experience in the industry. – wrote in Steam Community sole employee of SCKR Games. — A game that I made to be creative, to test myself and made a lot of mistakes. All these months she kept me in a state of great stress. Now I want to leave her behind. And yes, it won’t be back on Steam anytime soon. I have decided so. Now I need rest and healing.”

The developer will take a break to continue his studies in game design and then start work on a new project under the tentative name Kith. According to him, it will be a cinematic game of a different genre in a different setting, which will significantly surpass the first one in terms of game design. Especially for them, the Creator hopes to assemble a small team.

The developer’s decision was evaluated ambiguously: some noted that he should not have deleted the game, but made it free, while others supported the author. “You did a great job and can be proud of yourself”wrote the_drummernator.

In particular, Only Up! It’s not the first time it’s disappeared from the store. On June 30, Valve suspended the site over allegations of copyright infringement — the developer used models and sound effects created by other people. The creator promptly removed the relevant materials, and already on July 1, the platformer returned to the site.

In Only Up! The player has to climb different objects to reach the top of the world. Users compared the game to Bennett Foddy’s 2017 indie hit “Getting Over It”: they not only share the concept, but also the emphasis on physics and the high level of difficulty (due in part to the lack of a save system). uncomfortable controls, bugs and flaws in the game design), making the passage a series of trial and error.

Only until! Released May 24, 2023 for PC only. The platformer caught the attention of Chinese and Japanese streamers, after which western bloggers started spreading it. As already mentioned PCGamesN, sometime Only Up! 280,000 viewers watched Twich simultaneously. The successes on YouTube are also impressive: for example Video by blogger Darren Watkins Jr., author of the IShowSpeed ​​channel, garnered 5.6 million views in two months. The game received 71% positive reviews on Steam (almost 13,000 reviews were left in total).

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