The determined girl has helped thousands of players defeat the

The determined girl has helped thousands of players defeat the final boss of Elden Ring and will not stop

In the spring of 2022, in the online fantasy action game Elden Ring, a naked master appeared – an experienced swordsman Let Me Solo Her, whose character with a pot on his head helped players defeat Malenia. Soon the enthusiast had a follower, which has since achieved an impressive result. Carefully: spoiler.

    Image source: LetMeSoloThem

Image source: LetMeSoloThem

We’re talking about a girl going by the alias LetMeSoloThem who is with May 2022 dresses his character in the image of Let Me Solo Her and, armed with a twin blade and the sigil of the Tree of Earth to cast spells, contributes to the rise of other extinct ones to the throne of Lord Elden.

In particular, LetMeSoloThem will help Xbox players to defeat the final bosses of Elden Ring – consecutive Golden Order Radagon and Elden Beast. The girl regularly reports on her achievements on the Reddit forum (there she sits under the nickname supersaiyanvidel) and one of these days informed about three thousand successful battles.

    The next goal of LetMeSoloThem is 5,000 wins against the final boss

The next goal of LetMeSoloThem is 5,000 wins against the final boss

In conversation with kotaku The girl admitted that she had already played in Elden Ring for more than two thousand hours, but she never tired of helping others: “It’s always exciting… It’s a lot of fun and every encounter is unique. Further [после помощи 5 тыс. Погасшим]I hope the DLC comes out! I will definitely start helping the people there.”.

LetMeSoloThem doesn’t hide the fact that she was inspired by Let Me Solo Her, but some still criticize her for copying the famous image. However, the girl does not take the comparison to heart and formulates her task as follows: “I’m here to support those who need help”.

Let Me Solo Her himself received a gift from Bandai Namco for his achievements in the game, but after two thousand victories over Malenya he lost count. Now the enthusiast has fun walking through Elden Ring with a grapple: the location of all enemies in the game occupied by the same Malenia.

Elden Ring debuted on February 25, 2022 on PC (Steam), PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S. First anniversary sales exceeded 20 million copies. A paid add-on Shadow of the Erdtree will be released for the game in the foreseeable future. The developers are in no hurry to share the details of the addon.

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