The desktop version of Google Chrome received themes in the

The desktop version of Google Chrome received themes in the style of Android’s Material You

Developers at Google have integrated Android’s Material You-style color themes into the desktop version of the Chrome browser. After enabling this option, the browser interface will change color depending on the background image of the new tab. Currently, the innovation is available in Chrome Canary beta, and one of the first to take notice was a Reddit community user nicknamed u/Leopeva64-2.

    Image source: Reddit

Image source: Reddit

The description of the mentioned option states that this function “allows you to set the theme color depending on the color of the background image on the New Tab page”. It is available in Chrome Canary beta for Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems, as well as the company’s Chrome OS and Fuchsia software platforms.

You can enable the option in Chrome Canary version 110.0.5418.0 by going to the experimental features page at chrome://flags and enabling the option. After enabling the option, you should open a new tab, click on the pencil icon in the lower right part of the window and select the wallpaper. This will change the color of the UI depending on which wallpaper the user has selected. Note that the innovation is similar to the Material You feature that appeared in Android 12 and is designed to change the color scheme of the interface depending on the wallpaper installed on the desktop.

At the moment it is not known when the mentioned innovation will appear in stable versions of Chrome. This will likely happen after the developers are sure that the Material You-style color themes will work exactly as intended and not cause any glitches.


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