The desktop market will almost stop falling next year

The desktop market will almost stop falling next year

Not the easiest year for the computer market is coming to an end, and with it experts DigiTimes Research shared their forecasts for the next year and summarized the results of the current year. According to the authors of the study, the latter is not as devastating for the desktop market as it is for laptops. Mobile PC shipments were down 20%, while desktop shipments were down just 11%. Next year, the decline in the desktop market will be limited to 2.1%.

    Image source: Apple

Image source: Apple

Corresponding Main sourceDuring the three quarters of this year, the enterprise sector supported the demand for desktop systems, and only in the fourth quarter the volume of their supply should steadily decrease by 11.7%. Most manufacturers have accumulated impressive stocks of products in their warehouses, so they are in no hurry to deliver new products to customers.

According to DigiTimes Research, 86.4 million commercial desktop PCs will be shipped worldwide for the whole of 2022. This is 10.9% less than the 2019 results, which are used as a basis for comparison due to the lack of influence of the pandemic factor. Next year, no more than 84.6 million desktop PCs will be shipped to the market, down 2.1% year-to-date.

In the first quarter of the current year, 21 million desktop PCs were shipped, in the second quarter shipments peaked at 24.3 million units, but in the third quarter they had already fallen to 22 million, and in 2018 it is expected to reach 19.2 million units his fourth quarter. Almost 13% of the segment is made up of all-in-one computers in a monoblock layout. According to the annual results, 11.06 million units should be delivered. Such PCs reached the peak of popularity in 2021, when 14.32 million monoblocks were sold. For this reason, the number of monoblocks placed on the market will decrease by 22% this year.

The largest contract manufacturer of monoblocks was previously Quanta Computer, which serves Apple’s interests, but fell to third place at the end of this year. Second is Compal with its main customer Lenovo, and first place this year goes to HP Inc. Fourth will be Wistron, which makes all-in-ones for Dell. Three Taiwanese contract manufacturers together control 72% of the market. According to analysts at DigiTimes Research, shipments of desktop all-in-ones could increase by several percent next year. In their opinion, the demand for the Apple iMac, which has started to grow again, should contribute to this.

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