The design of Slack has been updated the tools

The design of Slack has been updated – the tools available to the user are now combined in one panel

Over the course of its existence, the enterprise messenger Slack has acquired a number of useful features such as notifications, a knowledge base, and so on. The gradual integration of new tools has caused the user interface to become cluttered and it is very difficult to access some of the features it contains. To fix this problem, the developers have updated the Slack interface and put all the tools available to the user in one place.

    Image source: Slack

Image source: Slack

The most notable change in Slack is the introduction of a new vertical sidebar, located on the left side of the workspace. The “Home” area contains the standard functions of the application, such as channels and their lists.

Under the heading “Home” there is a tab with personal messages. The appearance of this section is similar to what social network users are used to: there is a contact list vertically on the left side, and a window with dialogs on the right side. All of the user’s dialogs are now displayed on this tab, previously only the most recent conversations arrived here.

Next in the sidebar is the “Activity” tab, which the developers call it “Unified Mailbox”. This is a collection of all posts, mentions, and replies to posts from all Slack workspaces the user is a member of. The information gathered in this section is intended to help users start their day more productively.

Even further down is the Later tab, intended for messages and tasks that may be delayed. A similar feature used to exist in Slack, but it’s easier to find now. The developers realized that the Save for Later tool was one of the hardest to access, so they decided to draw more attention to it by moving it to the sidebar.

The More button at the bottom of the sidebar lets you add new canvases, view available channels, and more. The new Slack theme launched this week. Depending on the chosen tariff plan, it will be available to users for some time, the exact dates have not been announced.

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