The decision was unanimous Riot Games chose a new CEO

“The decision was unanimous”: Riot Games chose a new CEO to succeed Nicolo Laurent

American publisher and developer Riot Games (League of Legends, Valorant) announced about changes in leadership. By the end of this year, the studio will change its CEO.

    Image Credit: Riot Games

Image Credit: Riot Games

Nicolo Laurent, who has been Riot Games’ CEO since October 2017, will make way for another veteran of the studio – its current (also since October 2017) President Dylan Jadeja.

Laurent will remain with the company as a consultant. The current CEO justified his decision to leave the post with a desire to move to France to spend more time with his family: his wife and four children.

According to Laurent, management has been looking for a future CEO for three years, both inside and outside the company. Jadeja proved to be the perfect candidate in the eyes of both Laurent and the board and founders of Riot Games: “The decision was unanimous”.

    Dylan Jadeja

Dylan Jadeja

Jadeja noted that while his methods as CEO may differ from those of his predecessors, the goal remains the same: “To make Riot the undisputed most trusted and authentic gaming company in the world, built by gamers for gamers.”.

Jadeja will do so in the coming months “listen and learn”I interact with departments that I haven’t spent much time in over the last few years and try to get a deeper understanding of how things work and what can be improved.

Jadezhda joined Riot in 2011 as Chief Financial Officer, assumed the position of Chief Operating Officer in 2014, and has served as the studio’s President since October 2017 and has been a key contributor in shaping its development strategy.


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