The decentralized social network Bluesky from the creator of Twitter

The decentralized social network Bluesky from the creator of Twitter came to Android

Debut on Google Play Application The decentralized social network Bluesky is an alternative to Twitter, which is being developed with the participation of the creator and former head of Twitter itself, Jack Dorsey. The Android version, like the iOS version, still requires an invite code to register.

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The application is very similar to Twitter: there is a search for users and the possibility of subscribing to them, it is possible to create posts and add images to them, and much more. The platform is still in beta testing, so the community is only 25,000 users and there is no private messaging feature.

The Bluesky project was born in 2019 with the support of Twitter and aimed to develop a new standard for decentralized social networks. In 2021, he gained independence and became one of the promising clones of Twitter, relevant after Elon Musk bought the platform. The platform offers users the opportunity to determine the type of interaction with the social network, including an assortment or even a marketplace of recommendation algorithms.

The most important task developers face now is an efficient moderation mechanism, which is difficult to implement with a decentralized model. So far, it has been assumed that this will involve a mixture of automatic filter and moderation algorithms at the platform administration level. In addition, users can choose additional blocking schemes themselves, which will help protect them from inappropriate content and unwanted contacts.


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