The debut series of Apple Vision Pro will consist of

The debut series of Apple Vision Pro will consist of 400,000 headsets

edition Jemian decided to contribute to assessing the market prospects of the Apple Vision Pro augmented reality headset, which was presented in the summer of this year but will not hit the market until 2024. According to Chinese sources, the first batch of Vision Pro will enter production next month and will consist of 400,000 units.

    Image source: Apple

Image source: Apple

For a new product by Apple standards that the company will initially only sell in the United States after buyers personally visit special areas in the company’s stores, this is a very optimistic estimate considering the retail price of $3,499. which is considerable even by the standards of the American market. The headset will be assembled in China by Luxshare and the production cost of the new product is estimated at around $1,700. Typically, Vision Pro contains up to 60% of components of Chinese origin, and that’s a lot given the desire of Apple contractors in recent years to reduce their dependence on China. Nevertheless, when choosing the component base and contractors for the manufacture of a new type of product, Apple relied on experience and flexibility in interaction, which many companies outside China cannot boast of.

According to Chinese sources, Apple expects to ship up to one million Vision Pro augmented reality headsets in 2024, and in the third year of the new product’s market presence, the total circulation is expected to exceed three million units. By 2025 or 2027, analysts predict, Apple will be able to offer customers a cheaper version of the augmented reality headset that can be sold in even larger quantities. The harmonious development of the software ecosystem will largely determine the market popularity of Vision Pro, and in this regard, Apple will have to overcome significant resistance to achieve real commercial success.

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