The data of 200 million Twitter users became freely accessible

The data of 200 million Twitter users became freely accessible – this is revenge for the refusal of hackers to pay

Security specialists for data protection issues reportedthat a database of 200 million Twitter users appeared on one of the publicly available hacker sites. Analysis revealed that it was a database cleaned of doubles, which was reported to have been hijacked in late December. The hackers asked Twitter for $200,000 for a database of 400 million accounts. Apparently they were rejected and the data was simply pushed onto the network, albeit in a sanitized form.

    Image source: Twitter

Image source: Twitter

The record does not contain any user passwords or addresses. The database contains information about logins, nicknames, creation date, number of subscribers and email addresses. On the one hand, there are no options for directly hacking accounts, but the available data opens up space for social engineering methods. After all, nobody canceled the usual spam either, and considering that all this wealth is offered free for everyone, someone definitely becomes the object of malicious influence.

The 65GB data set includes the addresses and bank details of Donald Trump Jr., Google CEO Sundararajan Pichai, SpaceX, the US National Basketball Association, CBS Media and the World Health Organization. The full database has been reported to contain data on 37 world stars.

It is believed that this data was stolen due to a vulnerability in 2021. Twitter closed that gap last year.


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