The dark roguelite Source of Madness is preparing to leave

The dark roguelite Source of Madness is preparing to leave Early Access and debut on consoles

Thunderful Publishing and developer by independent Swedish studio Carry Castle announced the exact release date for the final version of their fantasy roguelite action game Source of Madness.

    Image Credit: Thunderful Publishing

Image Credit: Thunderful Publishing

As has been announced, after seven months of early access, Source of Madness version 1.0 will be released on May 11 this year on PC (Steam, GOG), PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S. The cost is $20 (up from $17 now).

On consoles, the game will target 60fps, up to 4K on PS5, Xbox Series X and S, 1080p on PS4 and Xbox One, and 1080p (TV mode) and 720p (handheld mode) on Nintendo Switch.

Source of Madness will take place in the crazy Lovecraftian Claylands. Players in the role of a henchman must go through the world of nightmares, uncover its mysteries and get to the source of incomprehensible evil.

The developers promise a world created on the basis of procedural generation and self-learning AI, divided into nine biomes, unique monsters, explosive melee magic and an extensive skill tree.


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