The damage caused by the hacking of the Ethereum creators

The damage caused by the hacking of the Ethereum creator’s account on the social network X amounted to almost $700,000

On September 10, hackers hacked Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin’s account on the social network X (formerly Twitter) and published a post with a phishing link in his name. reported “Vedomosti”. An offer was made to follow a link to receive a free commemorative NFT in honor of the launch of a new feature in Ethereum to increase transactions. Later Vitalik’s father Dmitry Buterin warned about hacking.

    Image source: Kanchanara/

Image source: Kanchanara/

“Don’t pay attention to this post, apparently Vitalik was hacked. He is working to restore access. – wrote the elder Buterin on his account on the social network a considerable amount.

Accordingly calculations According to Blockchain Analytics ZachXBT, the total damage at the time of the hack was $691,000. Among the stolen NFTs were two CryptoPunk (a collection of tokens on the Ethereum blockchain) worth 153.62 Ethereum (approximately $250,000 as of September 10) and 58.18 Ethereum (approximately $95,000). -Dollar). ). ZachXBT warned his followers, whose number exceeds 438,200, about the incident.

Binance crypto exchange founder Changpeng Zhao devices “Use common sense when reading content on social media, including from opinion leaders.” because that “Twitter account security is not designed for financial platforms”. “It needs a little more functionality: 2FA [две степени защиты]Login must be different from username or email address,” He noted and added that his Twitter account was blocked several times due to hacking attempts. “That was before the Elon era.”“Zhao clarified, referring to X’s owner Elon Musk.

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