The cult puzzle game Papers Please switched to a new

The cult puzzle game Papers, Please switched to a new engine – the game started to work better

The American game designer Lucas Pope in his microblog informed about porting the PC version of his border guard simulator Papers to a new engine for it, please.

    Image Source: Steam

Image Source: Steam

As has been revealed, the Steam version of Papers, Please switched from the OpenFL engine (by Haxe) to Unity (by Haxe) with the release of update 1.4.9 – last year’s mobile port of the game is based on the same combination.

According to Pope, this is a big behind-the-scenes change. “will equally heal old wounds and create new ones”. In particular, it will eliminate a number of systemic problems that have accumulated on modern operating systems and devices over the years.

Judging by the first reviews, the update has achieved its goal: support for a high frame rate has appeared (previously the game could not output more than 62 frames / s), problems with lag and slowdowns during detention / inspection have disappeared.

Besides the engine change, patch 1.4.9 brought fixes of minor logical, graphical and audio issues and also delivered Papers, Please with translations into three more languages: Korean, Turkish and Czech.

So far, these innovations have only debuted in the Steam version of Papers, Please (Windows, macOS, Linux), but will be coming soon GOG and Humble. Some of the fixes will also appear on sooner or later Android.

Papers, Please debuted on PC in August 2013, moved to iPad in December 2014, to PS Vita in December 2017, and to iPhone and Android in August 2022. As of August 2016, the game has sold over 1.8 million copies.

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