The crisis is coming to an end global semiconductor sales

The crisis is coming to an end: global semiconductor sales will grow by 16.8% in 2024

The current year remains a phase of downturn for the market for semiconductor components, and the high demand for computing accelerators for artificial intelligence systems will not help here either. As analysts predict gardenerGlobal semiconductor market revenue will decline by 10.9% to $534 billion at the end of 2023 compared to the previous year. But experts expect sales to grow by 16.8% to $624 billion in 2024. This year there is a high demand for

    Image source: Gartner

Image source: Gartner

Sales of semiconductor component suppliers this year will be negatively affected not only by low demand for PCs and smartphones, but also by weak demand in the part of the server market not related to artificial intelligence systems. Next year, revenue from chip sales will grow in all segments, representatives of Gartner are convinced, and in 2025 the growth rate will decrease slightly to 15.5%, which will not prevent sales from reaching $ 721 billion.

The memory chip market will be characterized by traditionally high sales fluctuations. If at the end of the current year the revenue from sales of NAND chips will decrease by 38.8% to $35.4 billion, next year it will increase by 49.6% to $53 billion. The main reason for the decline in sales in the memory market This year, prices will fall, but within three to six months they will bottom out and return to growth. Prices for DRAM chips won’t rise again until next year, and revenue from their sales will rise by 88% to $87.4 billion. Overall, revenue from memory sales will decrease by 38.8% at the end of the current year, but will grow by 38.8% next year by 66.3%.

According to Gartner experts, the expansion of artificial intelligence systems will mean that more than 20% of server systems will contain specialized accelerators by 2027.

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