The creators of The Lords of the Fallen explained how

The creators of The Lords of the Fallen explained how the game is related to the first part and why it has such a name

portal MP1st reports that the developers of the Spanish-Romanian studio Hexworks have explained the name of the fantasy action role-playing game The Lords of the Fallen and its connection to the first part in a recent issue of Edge magazine.

    Image source: CI Games

Image source: CI Games

According to senior brand manager Ryan Hill (Ryan Hill), the number in the title would give the wrong impression of a direct sequel and not convey the perfect “a leap in quality and diversity”and the subtitle would make the game look like an offshoot.

The team also wanted to emphasize the connection to the first game. A similar technique was used in the titles The Batman (series reboot), The Wolverine (sequel to X-Men Origins: Wolverine), and The Suicide Squad (sequel to Suicide Squad).

“It might not be the most obvious nameHill admits. but I think at the time of launch [The Lords of the Fallen] people are informed of what it is.”.

As for the connection to the first game, Saul Gascon, Executive Producer at Hexworks, took care of the clarification. At the same time, he summons The Lords of the Fallen “Both a sequel and a reboot”.

The plot of the new game, set a thousand years later, references the events and characters of the original Lords of the Fallen: the demon god Adir will once again become the main villain, and the Church will once again stand against him.

The Lords of the Fallen is being made for PC (steam, Epic game store), PS5, Xbox Series X and S. There is no exact release date, but the release is expected in 2023. In the same issue of Edge, new details about the game itself were revealed.

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