The creators of the Fallout series shared new footage and

The creators of the Fallout series shared new footage and plot details – the plot, the main characters and the canon story

Interview with screenwriter Jonathan Nolan and executive producer Todd Howard Vanity Fair shared new details about the Fallout series. The publication also showcased fresh footage from the show.

    Image sources: Amazon Studios and Vanity Fair

Image sources: Amazon Studios and Vanity Fair

As it became known, the events of the Fallout series will take place in the year 2296, i.e. 219 years after the global nuclear conflict that cost the lives of most of humanity. The story in the series becomes official canon of the franchise.

There will be three main characters. The first is Lucy, played by Ella Purnell. This is a sweet but naive girl who has spent her entire life in Vault 33 and is forced to come to the surface due to an internal crisis.

Throughout the show, Lucy is confronted with the harsh reality of two other protagonists who have also never been seen before in the Fallout universe:

  • Maximus, played by Aaron Moten, is the Brotherhood of Steel’s newest squire. In contrast to Lucy, she has a cynical instinct for self-preservation, which is why she does not always act according to honor and conscience;
  • The Ghoul, played by Walton Goggins, is a ruthless bounty hunter (formerly loving father and husband of Cooper Howard) with a code of honor and a quirky charm. She is the complete opposite of Lucy: damaged and hardened by centuries of endless living on the verge of death.

Supporting characters include Lucy’s brother and father (also known as the caretaker of Vault 33), played by Moisés Arias and Kyle MacLachlan, and scientist Wilzig, played by Michael Emerson.

    The show will reveal Vault Boy's backstory

The show will reveal Vault Boy’s backstory

“It’s a dark world in many ways. But the games were fun to play and explore. I think it was essential for us to make sure that this universe was fun to spend time in.”Nolan said.

Howard emphasized that he had no interest in adapting a story already told in the Fallout universe, which is why he liked the idea of ​​a new series. The show premieres on April 12, 2024 on Amazon’s Prime Video.

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