The creators of Syberia The World Before reminded of the

The creators of Syberia: The World Before reminded of the upcoming release and the events of the past parts with new trailers

Publisher Microids and developers from the French studio Koalabs presented themselves publish trailers upcoming adventure Syberia: The World Before, and in separate video recalled the events of the previous parts.

Image source: Microids

Image source: Microids

Remember that the events of Syberia: The World Before are spread over two time periods in which two different heroines must be controlled: 17-year-old Dana Rose (1937) and Kate Walker (2004), known from previous parts .

The revealed trailer is around two minutes long and features snippets from both storylines, with Kate trying to figure out what connects her with Dana as a big part of the story.

As for the flashback (attached below), it includes footage from the previous three Syberias and builds up the chain of events that led up to where Kate ended up at the beginning of Syberia: The World Before.

Syberia: The World Before will be available in stores on March 18th for PC (Steam, GOG, Epic Games Store) and will be available on consoles in the current year, which are not yet specified.


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