The creators of Sable talk about the importance of hoverbikes and masks in the world of the game

Over the past week, Raw Fury and development studio Shedworks have released two videos from the series about the key components of the world of their desert adventure Sable.

Image source: Steam

Image source: Steam

Recall that Sable will invite users, along with the heroine of the same name and her hoverbike Simoon, to go on a sacred journey (called Gliding) across the great desert.

The first of the two videos focuses on hoverbikes – each with its own personality and connection to the owner in Sable. Simoon can be tuned (pumping also affects handling) by finding or earning new parts.

The second video talks about the importance of masks. Her choice in the world of Sable is an integral part of growing up: children wear neutral masks (and, despite the ban, individualize them), and when they go to Gliding, they can change them.

New masks are obtained by earning special badges (quests, trade). Apparently, masks do not carry any gameplay value, but act as a form of self-expression.

Among other things, Sable promises “Unique style of painting”, “Unique atmosphere” and a soundtrack by Korean-American singer Michelle Zauner, better known as Japanese Breakfast.

Sable will go on sale on September 23 this year for PC (Steam, GOG, Epic Games Store), Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S. From the first day, the project will also be available in the service Xbox Game Pass (PC and consoles).

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