The creators of Remnant 2 have clarified the release date

The creators of Remnant 2 have clarified the release date and revealed a character who will have a loyal dog – with him you can go through the whole game

Gearbox Publishing and Texas-based developer Gunfire Games submitted released a new trailer for their cooperative role-playing action Remnant 2 and clarified the release date.

    Image source: Gearbox Publishing

Image source: Gearbox Publishing

The released video lasts exactly two minutes and is dedicated to the interaction of the Handler Support Class character (tamer/trainer) and his faithful companion dog. The archetype is suitable for fans of a single passage.

The protagonist’s quadruped can attack and distract enemies, and thanks to the main perk, it can also revive its master and allies. In addition, the dog is able to reduce its own damage.

As for the updated release dates for Remnant 2, the game was expected to premiere in the current year. As it became known, the Gunfire Games project will go on sale next summer.

Remnant 2 is being made for PC (steam, Epic game store), PS5, Xbox Series X and S. Players must enter creepy, dynamically generated worlds and fight against merciless monsters and god-like bosses.

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