The creators of Heavens Vault have announced their next game

The creators of Heaven’s Vault have announced their next game – a platformer A Highland Song with a musical twist

Finally the British independent studio Inkle (80 Days, Heaven’s Vault). officially announced her adventure in the Scottish Highlands, which she has been talking about since November 2020. The game was called A Highland Song.

Image Credit: Inkle Studios

Image Credit: Inkle Studios

In the story, 15-year-old Moira McKinnon, who lives with her mother on the edge of the Scottish Highlands, one day receives a letter from her uncle urging her to visit the coast and decides to run away from home to to see the sea.

As part of her adventure, Moira must find her way to her destination by traveling (beaten, hidden) routes full of stories, lost things, echoes and memories.

In terms of gameplay, A Highland Song is a 2.5-dimensional platformer with an emphasis on storytelling and a musical bias: Moira jumps onto the high mountain peaks to the beat of the soundtrack.

“Climb to the top to get your bearings and decide your next step. Then jump, slide and jump through the valleys with the music”reads the description of A Highland Song in steam.

The developers of A Highland Song promise a backlog for repeated passages (one playthrough doesn’t reveal all of the Highland’s mysteries), handcrafted animations, impressionistic landscapes, and dynamic lighting and weather effects.

A Highland Song is coming to PC (Steam) and Nintendo Switch. As for the release date, the Steam page just states “soon”. Inkle Studios will announce more details later.


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