The creators of Going Under are releasing Dark Souls style action

The creators of Going Under are releasing Dark Souls-style action, but with a hermit crab in the title role

Independent American studio Aggro Crab (Going Under) as part of the May edition of Indie World Showcase announced his second game, the Souls action-adventure Another Crab’s Treasure.

    Image Credit: Aggro Crab

Image Credit: Aggro Crab

The events of Another Crab’s Treasure take place in a dying underwater kingdom. Players take on the role of Creel, a hermit crab who goes on a treasure hunt to retrieve his stolen shell.

Users must use the available junk (more than 50 options) to protect themselves from enemy attacks, learn a variety of powerful techniques (the so-called umami techniques) and uncover dark secrets that the polluted ocean hides.

The developers of Another Crab’s Treasure promise a huge world, varied locations (from coral reefs and sand castle towns to deep sea canyons), exciting fights, support features and more “a whole bunch of crabs”.

Another Crab’s Treasure is expected to arrive on PC in 2023 (steam) and Nintendo Switch. In the coming months, the authors plan to reveal additional features and show new footage from the game.

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