The creators of Dead by Daylight have introduced the post apocalyptic

The creators of Dead by Daylight have introduced the post-apocalyptic multiplayer shooter Meet Your Maker

Canadian publisher and developer Behavior Interactive, best known for the asymmetrical horror action game Dead by Daylight, announced post-apocalyptic multiplayer shooter called Meet Your Maker.

    Image source: Behavior Interactive

Image source: Behavior Interactive

Players take on the role of the steward to extract pure genetic material (the most precious resource on the planet) for the Chimera, a living experiment conceived as a last resort to save life on Earth.

To protect the extracted genetic material, Meet Your Maker users must design and strengthen their base, and to obtain a new one, they must foray into other players’ strongholds.

In the role of a creator, players can create a real maze and fill it with deadly traps, and in the role of an attacker, they can show perseverance, ingenuity, good reaction and the right choice of equipment and skills.

They allow you to create your own base and attack strangers together with a friend and check the passage of other players. Raiders are also allowed to reward their favorite creations with praise (affects base reputation).

The developers promise an asynchronous component, ample options for arranging the base, innovative AI and a progression system (when the genmat is collected, new traps, guards, weapons and armor will open).

Meet Your Maker is expected to be released in 2023 on PC (Steam), PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S. Closed testing begins August 23 on Steam (you can opt-in voluntarily here), which will take several weeks.

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