The creators of Darkest Dungeon II told about the content of the December patch

Independent Canadian studio Red Hook shared details the upcoming December patch for its RPG-based strategy game Darkest Dungeon II, which is in Early Access on the Epic Games Store.

Image Source: Red Hook Studios

Image Source: Red Hook Studios

According to the developers, in recent weeks the team has been diligently “Cleaned up the tails” and introduced many improvements to the game that were not ready for the launch of Early Access Darkest Dungeon II.

Some of these improvements will bring with it the December patch, which is scheduled for release in the middle of the month:

  • to access the mountain, you will need to defeat the biome boss and attach his head to the carriage;
  • the stagecoach can be repainted;
  • the cart will be allowed to install the Infernal Flame upgrade, which permanently reduces the torch charge to a minimum;
  • an oasis will appear in all biomes, where it will be allowed to completely relieve the hero of stress;
  • users will be able to create multiple profiles and switch between them;
  • numerous balance adjustments, bug fixes and widespread improvements.

Following the release of the December patch, the developers promise to talk about plans for 2022: new monsters, biomes, bosses and playable characters will appear in Darkest Dungeon II on a regular basis.

Darkest Dungeon II Early Access launched on October 26th exclusively on the Epic Games Store and has already attracted over 100,000 players. As part of the Black Friday sale, the project is being sold with 10% discount

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