The creators of cooperative shooter Sker Ritual revealed the Early

The creators of cooperative shooter Sker Ritual revealed the Early Access start date and development schedule

Independent Welsh publisher and developer Wales Interactive uncovered the exact start date for the early access of their cooperative shooter with survival elements from Sker Ritual and a plan for the further development of the game.

    Image source: Wales Interactive

Image source: Wales Interactive

As has been announced, the launch version of Sker Ritual will go on sale on October 13th for Steam and will contain the first of the planned four episodes (map, tasks, challenges, boss) – Cursed Lands of Lavernock.

Also at the launch of Early Access, they promise a subscription to free Sker Pass rewards (50 items) with no premium options, a reduced price ($15) compared to the future full version, and paid ($4) sets of customization items.

In the period from the fourth quarter of this year to the second quarter of 2023, the developers planned:

  • Release of the remaining episodes – The Ashes of Sker Hotel (December), Sewers of the Dead (February), Deadly Lover’s Fortress (April);
  • Expanding the list of platforms – Epic Games Store, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S.

The updates will include additional maps, elite enemies, bosses, story missions, challenges, free rewards (25 per episode), weapons, and gameplay improvements (including miracle systems).

The developers state that there will be no separate story mode in Sker Ritual: the story will be told through narrative elements (with voice acting) within the named episodes.

Recall that the events of Sker Ritual will unfold on the island of Sker, where players alone or in the company of three other people will survive the attack of the Quiet People and their stronger neighbors, the Elites (mini-bosses).

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