The creators of Bayonetta and Astral Chain will switch to

The creators of Bayonetta and Astral Chain will switch to creating large gaming services

PlatinumGames CEO has stated that he wants to make bigger and riskier games. He also hinted that the new project from the creator of Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, Okami, Astral Chain and Bayonetta could be more of a service game than a standalone action game.

Bayonetta 2. Image Credit: Nintendo

Bayonetta 2. Image Credit: Nintendo

Studio co-founder Atsushi Inaba recently assumed the role of President and CEO. While discussing his promotion with gaming publication Famitsu, he also touched on the company’s future. In an interview, Inaba expressed his interest in game services: “I want to focus on making games that you can enjoy for a longer period of time”.

Speaking about writer/director Hideki Kamiya’s Project GG, Inaba said that the game is still in the testing phase of various ideas and he can’t comment on it. “Oh, I almost blurted out something important about what we’re going to do.”added the CEO when asked about the design philosophy behind Project GG

After that, Atsushi Inaba said that PlatinumGames plans to make future games different than before: they are developed for a long period of time.

“Of course we want to preserve and create small but brilliantly designed games like Sol Cresta and games where you can enjoy the process of passing the game with uniquely well-designed levels like Bayonetta. However, the projects that we are trying to design for the future will differ in their structure. Given how the market will change over the next five years, I think this is essential. I’m sorry to be vague, but I think that’s all I can tell you right now.”he clarified.

PlatinumGames has served as a leased studio and produces custom games for publishers for more than a decade. Project GG became the first PlatinumGames intellectual property to be wholly owned by PlatinumGames. It is an action game with a huge hero and is described as the culmination of Hideki Kamiya’s superhero trilogy, which includes the two parts Viewtiful Joe and The Wonderful 101.



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